We are not your typical EDGAR filing agent -
we're your filing partner.

SEC Connect is a full service filing agent, established in 2007 to offer clients a flat-fee pricing model, superior client service, and access to an online filing platform that would simplify the reporting process for the most commonly filed forms.

With its often-emulated flat-fee pricing model, SEC Connect eliminated all the variable fees that even today continue to drive up the cost of a typical filing. And SEC Connect hired only individuals experienced in preparing EDGAR and XBRL filings, and representing public companies.

As a result, you’ll notice that SEC Connect is not your typical filing agent– we’re your filing partner, adding value to a process that liberates clients from the traditional public company – EDGAR filing agency relationship. And with the introduction of DCAF, SEC Connect’s Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing System, SEC Connect has realized our founder’s vision of truly simplifying the filing process for public companies, their officers, directors and principal shareholders.
If you're not already among the converted, you soon will be!

SEC Connect provides complete SEC filing and related solutions for public companies, their officers, directors and institutional investors.

SEC Connect can handle all or part of the disclosure and filing process for you, including managing your XBRL filing needs - from tagging your financial data to submitting your XBRL documents via EDGAR. And our services don't end with filing. We provide printing services, as well as shareholder meeting management and support...all for far less than you would expect from a full-service filing agent.

XBRL has changed the way public companies provide financial information to the capital markets. SEC Connect has the experience and solutions you need to file your financial statements in the XBRL format, in compliance with SEC rules and regulations.

SEC Connect can manage all your XBRL filing needs, from tagging your existing financial data, to submitting your XBRL documents via EDGAR.And we don’t charge extra for producing your XBRL files - in most cases it’s included in your annual subscription. Talk to the experts at SEC Connect. We can answer any questions you may have, and work with you to tag your existing financial statements with the specific XBRL codes (taxonomies), and prepare your financial statements in XBRL.

To contact SEC Connect regarding your XBRL filing requirements, contact professionalservices@secconnect.com.

Proxy connect
Proxy Connect is a simple, cost-effective way to host your company's meeting documents in compliance with the SEC's notice and access rules.

Proxy Connect was developed in response to our clients' request for a simple, cost-effective way to post their meeting materials on a secure cookie-free website in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our response is a customized co-branded website located at www.proxyconnect.com/yourcompany where SEC Connect client’s shareholders can conveniently access meeting materials online.

For additional information about Proxy Connect, please contact sales@secconnect.com.

At SEC Connect, we offer flexible fee options that meet the specific needs of the client, and a staff of professionals with years of filing experience that add value to our clients with every document we file.

At SEC Connect, we don’t want to be the lowest cost provider, we want to be your filing partner, adding more than just the conversion and filing services of a typical filing agent. We typically charge a flat fee of $12.00 per page for conversion and editing, and $150.00 flat fee for filing. We don’t charge our clients for edits made to the document after submission, or for conversion of tables or graphics. And if you need your document in a hurry, no problem. We don’t charge for rush projects. We also offer an annual subscription fee of between $12,000.00 and $18,000.00 for companies desiring to fix their annual costs for all ’34 Act filings, including three Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, one Annual Report on Form 10-K, one no-review Proxy or Information Statement, an unlimited number of Form 8-Ks and Section 16 reports, and all amendments. And our annual fee options include XBRL.

To become a client of SEC Connect, contact sales@secconnect.com.


Our founder, Daniel W. Rumsey, has over 25 years of experience representing public companies, and advising executive management and corporate boards regarding SEC compliance and disclosure issues. He's served as outside counsel and general counsel for large public companies as well as smaller reporting companies, and as staff counsel with the Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Corporation Finance in Washington, D.C. He's also written extensively on SEC disclosure and related topics, and has taught securities law at the University Of Denver College of Law. In addition to his securities law experience, Dan currently serves on several public company boards, and has served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, and Chief Executive Officer - all with public companies.

Simply put, SEC Connect's Disclosure, Collaboration and Filing System is an online tool that allows public companies to easily draft and file the most frequently filed forms with the SEC via EDGAR, all from one simple, easy to use intelligent application.

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DCAF has been recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as a finalist in the SDBJ’s inaugural 2012 Innovation Awards.

DCAF is an easy to use web-based filing platform designed by securities lawyers for securities lawyers, principal accounting officers and other reporting professionals responsible for SEC reporting and compliance.  DCAF supports the filing of the most commonly filed documents under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including Form D, Form 8-K, Forms 3, 4 and 5, Schedules 13D and 13G, Form 12b-25 and SEC Correspondence. Designed and developed to simply and efficiently support additional filings, DCAF clients can look forward to utilizing DCAF to file an ever expanding menu of filings in the future as we respond to the feedback provided by clients, and their desire to leverage the capabilities of DCAF to simplify their reporting obligations. 

A feature-rich reporting, collaboration and filing platform, online filing to the SEC’s EDGAR database is just the beginning. To see for yourself how DCAF simplifies the reporting process, or to get started filing using DCAF, contact us at sales@secconnect.com.

  • Simple to use
    DCAF takes you through the entire reporting process, from drafting, reviewing, collaborating and editing to test and live filing and emailing copies to designated recipients.You can even use DCAF to upload your own user-generated Form 8-K to file directly to the SEC's EDGAR system
  • On-Screen Access to
    SEC Rules & Instructions
    DCAF's rule icon and instructions tab allow you to access the latest SEC rules, regulations and filing instructions so you're assured compliance with appropriate disclosure requirements.
  • Online Collaboration
    Multiple professionals can work simultaneously and collaboratively on a filing without having to log off DCAF. Reviewing and editing can occur in real time, significantly improving work flow.
  • SEC-Compliant HTML
    Filings, including exhibits, are seamlessly converted to SEC-compliant HTML so there's no need for a filing agent or third-party software.
  • Test/Live EDGAR Filing
    Preview the filing before submission, and when you're ready, test file to ensure a successful filing. Everything in order? Simply click to live file your document with the SEC’s EDGAR® system. You'll simultaneously receive a confirmation that your document was accepted.

View Additional DCAF Features and Functionality

Prepare, edit and file
from any connected

Whether you’re at the office, at home or on a business trip, you’ll have access to your filings and can file from any Internet connected device.  And since all your data is encrypted, you can rest assured that your sensitive information is protected.

Whether you’re a public company, or in the process of going public, you should get to know DCAF.

Designed by securities counsel with years of experience representing public companies, DCAF offers features and functionality intended to streamline the process of public company reporting and disclosure.  DCAF offers public companies the ability to efficiently create and self-file Form 8-K, Section 16 Reports (Forms 3, 4 and 5), Form 12b-25, Form D and SEC Correspondence, from from anywhere, from any device.  Filers also have the ability to upload and directly file their own user-generated Form 8-K.

Using DCAF to file Section 16 reports greatly simplifies the entire process of collecting, reporting and filing beneficial ownership and securities transactions by Section 16 insiders.

Officers, directors, 10% holders and other Section 16 insiders are able to use DCAF to easily prepare Forms 3, 4 and 5, collaborate to ensure accuracy and compliance, and file with the SEC. Ease of use dictated the design of DCAF’s Section 16 filing system, allowing for;

  • Dynamic Form 3, 4 and 5 generation based on initial beneficial ownership reported during the account set up process, and subsequent reported securities transactions;
  • Form 3 and Form 5 filing reminders, based on Form 8-K filing information and applicable fiscal year end data;
  • Easy access to applicable Form 3, 4 and 5 instructions without leaving DCAF;
  • Access to library of previously used footnotes, allowing users to quickly and accurately prepare and file subsequent reports utilizing identical or similar footnotes; and
  • Access from each client’s Dashboard to an exportable and editable beneficial ownership report showing the total beneficial ownership of each Section 16 insider, as well as beneficial ownership by security position.

Designed with input from institutional investors, DCAF’s Schedule 13D and 13G disclosure and filing application is a revolutionary filing tool that is the standard by which all others are measured.

DCAF provides for filing of Schedule 13Gs and 13Ds by institutional investors. Similar to the other forms supported by DCAF, institutional investors have access to an online filing application designed with their specific needs in mind, providing ongoing filing reminders, and automatically populated forms based on information provided during the account set-up process, and earlier filed Schedules.

To learn more about how institutional investors can use DCAF to satisfy their filing obligations, contact clientservices@secconnect.com.

DCAF allows law firms and filing agents that file reports on behalf of registrants and reporting persons to use the application to file for multiple reporting companies, persons and institutional investors, in a customizable, co-branded environment.

Designed with law firms and filing agents in mind, DCAF allows for users that file for multiple reporting entities to efficiently and cost effectively file Form 8-K’s, Section 16 and other reports on behalf of their clients. DCAF includes many features designed to meet the special needs of a law firm or filing agent, including:

  • Unique interface designed specifically for law firms and filing agents with multiple reporting companies, Section 16 insiders and institutional investor clients;
  • Collaboration and reporting features unique to individual clients;
  • 90-day filing calendar identifying filing deadlines for each reporting company and institutional investor client; and
  • Customizable billing options allowing for individual client billing, identifying each specific filing.
DCAF represents the most advanced self-filing application available, which is
why we are an exclusive licensee of the application for use by our clients.
Ed Vacaro, Vice President of Operations, Toppan Vite New York, Inc.
Don’t just take our word for it, see what clients have to say about SEC Connect and DCAF.
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“We’ve been a client of SEC Connect since 2007, and have used DCAF since its introduction in 2010.  While DCAF is an extraordinary filing platform, and we use it extensively, SEC Connect’s client service team is why we’re evangelists of SEC Connect, and would recommend them to any reporting company filing with the SEC.”

Michael Abrams, Chief Financial Officer, FitLife Brands, Inc.
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"We use DCAF to file all our Section 16 reports, and have found it to be incredibly easy to use, and extremely cost effective…we’re big fans."

Damon Cook, Corporate Controller,
Spy, Inc.
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“We're incredibly impressed with SEC Connect's responsiveness to the needs of the bank, and the value they provide. We recommend them to any public company that is looking for more than just your typical filing agent."

John Grosvenor - Executive Vice President, General Counsel
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"SEC Connect has significantly reduced our filing costs and your client service team is absolutely impeccable. With DCAF, you've done it again. As someone who knows great software, you've hit it out of the park with a tremendously useful application that has greatly increased the efficiency of our SEC reporting group, and is trusted by our securities counsel."

Randall K.Fields, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Call to speak with an SEC Connect reporting specialist at (619) 272-7058 and start filing today!